Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Plant Swap & other Happenings

Our Reno County Extension Master Gardener's (RCEMG) host a booth each 3rd Saturday at the Farmer's Market, 2nd and Washington, in Hutchinson. Folks who stop by the booth can sign up for the Reno County Extension's quarterly electronic newsletter. The newsletter has research and up-to-date information in the related fields of Horticulture, Agriculture, Family Consumer, and 4-H.  
Rae Leen Chesney  is September's winner of the door prize @  RCEMG booth @Reno County Farmer Market. The prize was a set of plant ID stakes and a notebook from the Kansas Prescribed Fire Council. The September booth's theme was fall landscaping and fire preparedness. A big thank you to Jess Crockford for sharing his expertise. Fall is a good time to clear cedars out of pastures and mow the tall grasses to limit the amount of fuel available and therefore limit wild fire damage around homes and farmsteads.

Another late summer Farmer's Market RCEMG prize winner was Debbie Fields. She won a garden seed catalog tin. 
  Free Perennial Plant Swap
Where/When: You can stop by the Master Gardener's Farmer's Market booth on Saturday, October 21st, 8:00am-Noon. Something special is planned.
What: Bring any perennial plant, such as one you have divided from your garden. Exchange it for another plant someone else brings. You can bring more than one and take home more than one. Any type of perennial can be exchanged including flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs. No annuals please. There will also be a seed exchange, either annual or perennial seeds. Please have all plants and seeds labeled. Then you can enjoy something new in your garden next season. See you there! Submitted by bcrockford, photos by phughes.


Sunday, September 3, 2017

Enjoying Late Summer Gardening

Joe Pye Weed attracts beneficial insects

Here are some favorite plants blooming and growing this time of year when I want to enjoy my garden more than work in it. 

This is Heirloom Kale, I love the purple, crinkly look of it
Chard, not only healthy but ornamental, red stems are striking
Variegated Plectranthus, low maintenance. Overwinter it indoors
Perennial Oregano, a staple, always comes back. Love the yellow green against purple, dark green, or reds.
Perennial Salvia, aromatic. Jewels of Opar, reseeds but is not agressive. I like the yellow green, works well in pots, not fussy. See the tiny jewels on the stems?
Purple Basil is aromatic, ornamental, & great for cooking
Gardening tips for late season, August & early September:
  • Continue to deadhead for maximum blooms until frost
  • Start/seed your fall, cooler weather, garden.
  • Continue to feed annuals & container plants with a complete fertilizer such as 10-10-10 or 20-20-20.
  • This is the time to dig and divide perennials, iris, other plants with rhizomes.
  • Remember to water early day, deeply soak the ground near the plant. 
  • Give spring flowering shrubs such as lilacs, forsythia, azaleas, etc. the final season's feeding of fertilizer
  • Mums need plenty of water and fertilizer to give the best Fall season's show of color
  • Remove dead plant debris, add mulch for weed control.  
Take care of you, the gardener, relax, drink a cool beverage under the shade, and enjoy your partnership with Mother Nature.
Submitted by Master Gardener, phughes, hutchgaudygardener.